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Hard Feelings: A Comedy Podcast

Apr 25, 2019

This week Foley celebrates going home for Easter and his sister in law's family are all fans of his appearance on Manifest - and now respect him. Kevin goes for a hike with other comedians and gets made fun of for his outfit. Plus the guys push their new web series 'Last Spot of the Night' Check...

Apr 18, 2019

This week Kippy has a wacky show at a couples only resort - meanwhile Foley has a little visit from a "friend". Kippy gets a surprise gift from his stepdad that bails him out of a jam. Plus a garbage report from Dave & Busters for a birthday party. Also Kippy and Foley share a "nice" lunch together. All that and more!

Apr 12, 2019

The guys are all laughs upon Kippy's return from Germany when Kippy catches Foley on a trashy phone call trying to stop an automatic payment. Kippy shares some whacky travel stories while Foley tries to understand international travel. Kippy has a run in with another "comedian" at the airport bar as well as some rough...

Apr 4, 2019

This week the guys are back with a HOT ONE! Kevin has a big dispute with a company that rhymes with "Shmair Shme & Shme" before he heads to Germany to see his highfalutin girlfriend. Meanwhile Foley strolls through the neighborhood dressed like a homeless person and reality finally sinks in that he is fat guy. Plus PITA...