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Hard Feelings: A Comedy Podcast

Nov 21, 2019

Hot pod! Kippy gets into seeing someone pleasure themselves in a neighboring window while Foley tells about a close encounter with a girlfriends mom. Plus Kippy goes to a Friendsgiving!

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Nov 20, 2019

Bonus episode! The boys are back on stakeout as they recap a shitty show they both just performed on and talk about the clean living at Kippy's moms house while she makes breakfast! 

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Nov 14, 2019

HOT POD! Kippy tells the story of doing a road gig with an old shitty comic who is out of his mind. Foley tells a the story of a "love affair" after a hot girl tries to seduce him. 

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Nov 13, 2019

This one the boys get into some WEIRD stuff from the start. Foley jumps into porn while Kippy shares some strange superstitions. The two then focus on the positive changes they are making and Kippy shares the story of his friendship with a famous baseball player. 

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Nov 7, 2019

The boys are back with a hot one! Talking high school boners, Kippy fighting with his landlord and Foley in a parking war. 

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